Near patrol OSCE bombings

Возле патруля ОБСЕ прогремели взрывы

The soldiers pointed their weapons to the South in the direction of land cultivation in the Golden, said the observers.

In the Luhansk region in the village of Golden to 4 members of the patrol of the OSCE mission witnessed the shooting from small arms, mortars and automatic grenade launcher. This is stated in the mission report for 23 June.

It is noted that the patrol, consisting of six employees on two armored vehicles were on the territory of the residential district, at a distance of about 300 meters to the North of the site of withdrawal of forces and means in the area of Golden.

In the morning, at 10.38, observers heard intense small arms fire, two explosions (shots mortars 82 mm), and three shots from the automatic grenade launcher-type grenade launcher.

According to the mission, shots were fired at a distance of about 100 meters.

After five minutes, the OSCE staff heard 3-4 turns from a heavy machine gun, and then numerous rounds of small arms ammunition for 150-200 meters.

“At least one bullet, which, according to observers, was released with South-Eastern direction, especially clear whistled and flew over their heads so low that they had to bend down”, – the report says.

Team SMM went to the car and left the area, following in the direction of a government checkpoint.

On the way European observers noticed that the soldiers pointed their weapons to the South in the direction of land cultivation in the Golden.

“Two SUVs belonging to the APU, raced at high speed in the direction of the settlement gold-4”, – was noted by observers.

At 10: 46 patrol recorded a column of smoke which rose three kilometers, roughly – area of cultivation in the Golden.

23 April in the Donbass, a mine blew up the car of the OSCE. Killing one of the representatives of the mission, a citizen of the United States, this is the first death among the observers for all the conflict in the Donbas.

Recall that in the area of ATO in the Donbass from 00.00 on 24 June, entered into force another truce called “bread”, as related to harvesting.

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