Near Poltava the driver tried to burn patrol

Под Полтавой водитель пытался сжечь патрульных

The reaction of the driver was a surprise for patrol

Petrol was a response to claims of police speed driving.

On the route Kyiv-Kharkiv in Poltava region the driver of the vehicle that the patrol was stopped for a traffic violation, tried to set fire to police officers and their squad car, reports the press center of the police region.

When law enforcement officers asked him to sign the record, the man began to swear and attack them. On this he calmed down, and took out from the trunk of the canister, poured gasoline patrol car and police officers, then took a lighter and started threatening the cops that set fire to them.

Police managed to stop the illegal actions. The inspectors summoned the investigative team and an ambulance.

On this fact data are brought in the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations as regards 1 article 345 (Threat of murder, violence or destruction or property damage concerning the employee of law enforcement body) the Criminal code of Ukraine.Под Полтавой водитель пытался сжечь патрульных



Под Полтавой водитель пытался сжечь патрульных


As reported, in Mariupol, the police prevented the attempt of penetration of several subversive groups of the music festival MRPL City 2017.

Earlier, zakarpatskoy area man doused himself with flammable mixture and was set on fire, he later died in intensive care.