Near Solar System found anomalous quasar

Рядом с Солнечной Системой нашли аномальный квазар

Scientists have discovered anomalous quasar

The unusual space phenomenon is relatively close to the Solar system.

A group of scientists from around the world have studied the anomalous microquasar SS 433, located near the Earth. About it writes Nature.

The space object is in the milky way at a distance of 15 light-years from the Solar system. Quasar is not behaving like their “cousins”. Emissions of plasma from the quasar, the so-called jed, reaching a quarter of the speed of light and extend to 40 parsecs.

In addition, the jets occur near the gamma rays with energy 10 times higher than the radiation energy of all the known microquasars. Such effect is possible because near the quasar, the electrons are accelerated to speeds close to the speed of light. They interact with the thermal radiation of the Universe and turn into gamma rays.

Astronomers have never observed a similar effect and microquasar SS 433 can determine the properties of their larger counterparts.

The quasar is radiating the illumination of the space object, which is formed in the nucleus of the galaxy at the absorption of substances supermassive black hole.

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