Near the city drunk driver running from police crashed into an electrosupport and was in the hospital

Вблизи Львова пьяный водитель, убегая от полицейских, врезался в электроопору и попал в больницу

Near the city drunk driver running from police crashed into an electrosupport and was in the hospital. It is reported on his page in Facebook the patrol force of the city.

According to the report, the incident occurred in the night of 1 to April 2 in the village. Ore. Law enforcement authorities received information that the streets of the village drives a car VAZ 2109 drunk driver. Arriving in the Ore, the police found the car in question and stopped.

As militiamen noted, the instruction to exit the vehicle the driver does not react because of the obvious strong signs of intoxication. He was approached by local residents and began to advise to take the passenger seat and pretend that he wasn’t driving. But the man suddenly started the engine and abruptly took off with a patrol officer who tried to stop him.

The police began to catch up with the fugitive dirt road. Due to the fleeing car crashed into an electrosupport.

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Militiamen called an ambulance and investigator for the accident. The driver was taken to hospital with a diagnosis of fractured ribs, a concussion and other injuries. A blood test showed excess alcohol in the blood ten times.

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Notably, according to the police, last year the specified driver has already been deprived of driving license for driving while intoxicated. We found the certificate of the employee of the motor transportation enterprises. The locals said he rides the bus a message Lviv-Rudno.

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