Near the Earth flew by asteroid the size of a bus

Рядом с Землей пролетел астероид размером с автобус

Threat to the Earth this asteroid is not.

An asteroid the size of a bus flew on October 2 at a relatively close distance from Earth. As reported the threat to our planet this asteroid is not.

“The asteroid, which was given the name 2017 SX17, flying between the earth and the Moon, at a distance of 87 thousand kilometers from our planet at 6.20 am Eastern time,” the statement reads.

This asteroid was discovered on September 24. According to scientists, it makes one revolution around the Sun for 467 days.

The asteroid has a diameter of from 6.3 to 14 meters. It has been studied by several telescopes and observational campaigns.

Recall, a huge asteroid flew by Florence September 1 at 7 million kilometers from Earth. So close to the Ground such a large asteroid (diameter of a celestial body of 4.4 km) is not yet approached.