Near the Eiffel tower will be a bullet proof partition

Возле Эйфелевой башни будут установлены пуленепробиваемые перегородки

Near the main attractions of France – the Eiffel tower, the authorities of Paris decided to install bulletproof glass partitions, according to the French newspaper Le Figaro.

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It is noted that this is done to prevent collisions of vehicles with pedestrians. This measure is due to “very high terrorist threat.”

Partitions shall be installed on both sides of the tower, and the other two — where are the inputs, outputs, and checkpoints will be metal grating.

The cost of these walls is estimated at 20 million euros, and their installation will be completed in mid-2018.

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Such a decision of the authorities of Paris was after the terrorist attacks in France, as well as the recent terrorist attack on Westminster bridge in London.

Recall, March 22 car on Westminster bridge first drove into the crowd, injuring several people. Subsequently, in the yard of the Parliament broke armed with a knife man, on the road injuring a police officer, then was shot.

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