Near the Milky Way found giant object

Рядом с Млечным Путем нашли гигантский объект

The galaxy is 424 thousand-years from Earth

It is a dwarf galaxy. This galaxy is a companion of the milky Way.

A team of astronomers have discovered close to milky way dwarf galaxy that is a satellite. This writes

Its dimensions far exceed the dimensions of similar structures. Scientists gave it the name of the Pump 2 (Ant 2).

The existence of dwarf galaxies confirmed the observations using the spectrograph 2dF + AAOmega. It is situated at a distance of 424 thousand light-years from Earth, and its age is 11.2 billion years old.

In size it is compatible with Large Magellanic Cloud, while the luminosity of the structure is four times less.

The scientists also found that this galaxy is a hundred times more broken than ultradilute galaxy that also have a low luminosity and a small number of stars.

Earlier it was reported that astronomers have revealed a black hole located in the center of the milky Way galaxy.

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