Near the presidential Administration burned tires

Возле Администрации президента жгли шины

On Bankova street in Kiev, the protesters set fire to tires

The protesters also went to the mansion Poroshenko in Kiev region.

At the intersection of Bank and Institutskaya near the presidential Administration, the protesters set fire to tires. Video of the protest posted on the page Movement vizvolennya in Facebook.

The record also shows that the activists have tried to overturn the white van, which, in their opinion, was engaged in surveillance. However, in stepped the people’s Deputy Yegor Sobolev and asked the activists not to do so. In the van were employees of SBU.

Earlier, the activists went to the mansion of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko with the requirement to explain where the Georgian volunteer ATO Vano Nadiradze.

According to them, he was deported to Georgia, but Ukrainian security forces do not officially confirm, but in Tbilisi they can’t find him.

The video shows how people a few times knock on the metal door, however, they are not open, and the house itself is under heavy guard.

Recall, individual MP Yuriy Derevyanko reported that on 17 November an unknown Nadiradze detained and took away in an unknown direction. It is also kidnapped two Georgian journalists and a security guard.

Later in the SBU said that in conjunction with Nicolicea, GMS and border service expelled from Ukraine eight Georgian citizens. The decision was adopted on the basis of materials, which indicate that the presence of foreigners is contrary to the interests of national security of Ukraine.