Near the Sun woke up a rare star-Magnetar

Вблизи Солнца проснулась редкая звезда-магнитар

This star emits potentially hazardous to Earth radio waves

This celestial body is one of the four known science of magnetron, emitting radio waves.

An international group of scientists announced the revival of a rare star-a Magnetar XTE J1810-197. For similar neutron stars from time to time there are explosions, streams of radiation which can reach the Ground. This writes ScienceAlert.

Star is one of the four famous magnetron, emitting radio waves. The powerful magnetic field of a celestial body approximately 1 quadrillion times stronger than Earth’s magnetic field.

Star was silent for 11 years (since 2008), however, suddenly woke up and began to emit signals different from before.

Experts admitted that the tremors continually rebuild its magnetic field. They also influence the range of electromagnetic frequencies, including radio waves.

Earlier it was reported that the orbit of Neptune astronomers have discovered a mysterious phenomenon that previously thought impossible.

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