Near Vinnitsa head-on collision of two cars: there are victims

Под Винницей лобовое столкновение двух легковушек: есть жертвы

The driver flew into oncoming traffic

The driver drove into the oncoming lane, died at the scene. The crash also injured the family, who were in the second car.

In Vinnytsia region on Tuesday, June 12, occurred a head-on collision of two cars, during which one person was killed and three were injured, the press service of the Channel.

According to preliminary reports, 33-year-old driver of the Chevrolet went into the oncoming lane. In the Renault, in addition to 37-year-old driver, was his 35-year-old wife and 18-year-old daughter.

As a result dorozhno-transport incident the driver of the Chevrolet from the got injuries died on a scene.

The driver and passengers of the Renault with injuries taken to hospital.

At the scene police work, investigators establish the circumstances of the accident.



On the same day in Kherson “fast” to death brought down the woman on transition. The car went with included flashing light and audible alarm.

Before a head-on collision also occurred in Nikolaev. In the accident one chelovekami, three injured.


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