Near Zhitomir, a foreigner knocked down a pedestrian

Под Житомиром иностранец насмерть сбил пешехода

The accident occurred near the village of Zhytomyr district Ruzhky

As a result of road accident the pedestrian died at the scene. Now the police establish the identity of the deceased.

Near Zhitomir the alien has committed a fatal accident. On Thursday, December 6, the press service of the police of Zhytomyr region.

Stated that the accident occurred at 205 kilometer of the highway vystupovychi – Zhitomir – Mogilyov-Podolsk, near the village of Ruzhky, Zhytomyr district, around 22:00 5 December.

“As a result of road accident the pedestrian died at the scene. Now police officers find out circumstances of the incident and establish the identity of the deceased”, – stated in the message.

According to militiamen, the driver of the car Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, 53-year-old resident of a neighboring state, has made arrival on the pedestrian who was moving in the right lane of the highway.

His description: male, aged about 60-65 years, height 170-175 cm, gray hair, slim build, was wearing a gray jacket, gray pants, a knitted cap of gray color with white stripes, black boots.

Earlier in Kharkov as a result of the accident suffered by the ambulance attendant.

It was also reported that the city of Bakhmut Donetsk region in the accident suffered three minor pedestrians.

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