Near Zhitomir forest fires have covered 100 acres

Под Житомиром лесные пожары охватили 100 гектаров

The fire was extinguished

The fire originated from the burning of deadwood and conduct exercises on the territory of the Zhitomir military range.

A forest fire in the Zhytomyr region covered 100 hectares. The fire was extinguished. This was reported by the press service of Zhytomyr regional management of forest and hunting economy.

The fire originated between the village Rich and country cooperative Bobrovsky array. Local people burned dry grass and the wind and the heat contributed to the spread of fire to an area of 100 ha. On the square, which burned completely, killing self, young coniferous trees, which could become a forest.

In addition, the fire arose on the territory of the Zhitomir military range in the result exercises. The fire rapidly spread in the direction of Trigorskoye forestry. The efforts of forest protection, the flames had been contained and the forest it doesn’t hurt.

Earlier it was reported that in Transcarpathia lit up the vineyards, the fire came to the forest.

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