Near Zhitomir woman drove into a stop with people

Под Житомиром женщина въехала в остановку с людьми

Accident near Zhytomyr

Three people were injured in the accident.

Three people were injured in a traffic accident in the village of Teterivka near Zhitomir.

A Fiat car at which wheel there was a woman crashed into a bus stop. From the blow design broke, and the car overturned on its side. According to local residents, the car hit two men who were at the bus stop, reports local media.

“Arriving at the scene of the accident, we saw that the car stopped in a stop, lay on the roadside three victims, they were given first aid, summoned three ambulances and the police”, – said Deputy chief of special equipment Yuri Orlov.

In order to avoid explosion, rescuers disconnected the car from the battery and cleaned the fuel from the roadway. What was the cause of the accident was investigated by the police.

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