Nearly 300 houses of Kiev can not be equipped with heat meters

Почти 300 киевских домов не могут оборудовать теплосчетчиками

In the capital, there are 290 houses in which it is impossible to install metering devices of heat. Residents of these homes at least one more heating season will need to pay for heating according to the standards. This was stated by the head of energy efficiency Department, LCD KCSA Denis Zwibel, reports “the City of Kiev”.

Main reasons why installation is impossible — the lack of basements or the inability for the installation of any appliances.

“In the capital, there are 290 homes where installing heat meters at this stage is simply impossible. More than half of these homes lack basements, and telekommunikacii pass right under the floor of the apartments,” — said Zwibel.

According to officials, for the installation of heat meter required smooth area of the heating system, without any turns, corners and bends. Besides, in such houses the state of the networks is poor — the pipes should not be disturbed.

“Next year we will develop projects for the construction of premises for arrangement in them of the heat supply. And then there will be to set the counter,” he said.

Recall, Kiev began to complain that they come receipts for heating with high amounts. Residents of homes that do not have heat, I got bills, in which for two weeks in the apartment of 60 square meters was assessed from 1000 to 2200 UAH for heating. Also, the owners of the same apartment area received bills with radically different numbers.

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Later, the city government instructed PJSC “Kyivenergo” to carry out the recalculation of the amounts for heating, which were erroneously assessed. In particular, we are talking about 8% of homes where meters are installed, but for various reasons the calculation was made according to the norm.

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