Need a better COP. the Competition for the head of national police

Нужен лучший коп. Конкурс на главу Нацполиции

How to choose a new head of the National police of Ukraine.

After the dismissal of the head of the National police of Ukraine Khatia Dekanoidze, the post remains vacant.

For the position of head of national police announced the contest, but the scandals have not kept itself waiting long.

Who should lead the police, politician or professional man, – you bet and in social networks.

Корреспондент.net gathered information about the competition for the head of national police.

The rules of the game

Now duties of the head of national police performs Vadim Trojan. His reign has already coincided with a tragedy in knyazhichi, Kiev region Kiev region, where law enforcement officers shot each other.

A clear explanation from the interior Ministry and the police about the incident, the society did not wait.

However, the Trojan continues to maintain its position and can take part in the tender announced by the chief Arsen Avakov.

The competition for the head of national police Advisory. That is, according to the results, the Secretary will bring the candidate to the position of chief of police to the Cabinet, who will make the final decision.

The competition will be of a recommendatory nature.

It is reported that the competition is open to everybody as from the number of active police officers, and other persons who meet the requirements.

Basic requirements for applicants are: compliance with the General conditions of joining the police full higher legal education, work experience in the field of law at least 7 years experience in senior positions at least 5 years.

Among the requirements for personal and professional qualities named honesty and integrity, motivation, knowledge and dedication to the principles of the national police, the political impartiality, strong management skills.

The contest will be held the Advisory selection Committee consisting of representatives of international organizations and sector representatives public and human rights community.

Applicants and terms

The name of the new head of the National police will be known in January 2017, said the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov.

“At the end of the Commission will be able to offer me one, two or three candidates and then I will give this candidate to the Cabinet for approval,” he said.

“In January we will see the result. I see five candidates,” – said Avakov.

Acting national police head of Vadim Troyan said that he is not afraid of the announced competition for the position of head of the National police: “I did the competition a bit scared. However, now, I can’t say whether I will participate in it. Time will tell.”

Documents for the contest are accepted until 8 January 2017.

The first descended

One of the most well-known candidates for the position of head of national police was considered by the Deputy Mustafa Nayem.

But the competition Commission excludes the possibility of appointment Nayem for this position.

Member of the Commission Evgeny Zakharov noted that the Commission has so far held one meeting and not at full strength. The next meeting is scheduled for January 18, 2017.

Zakharov stressed that in accordance with the requirements of the contest, the selection can involve candidates with a full legal education (specialist or master’s degree, but not bachelors) experience in the field of law at least 7 years after graduation and 5 years of managerial experience.

The requirements are quite stringent and not all candidates publicly declared their participation in the contest, in particular, the Deputy Nye, correspond to them.

“He’s a lawyer not worked, he worked as a journalist. I was surprised that it would apply (to the competition). It is actually asking for that its documents will not be considered. He immediately denied. Why would you even do, I don’t understand,” – said Zakharov.

At the same time, he predicted a large number of participants of the contest for the post of head of national police.

In turn he Nye in an interview on one of the channels explained that from 1 January will enter into force a new rule that the candidate for the position of head of national police must have a law degree.

Thus, in the case that the contest will continue after the New year, it does not make sense to go for the contest, because he had that education yet (he gets legal education).

Well, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine to hold this position the absence of legal education did not prevent.