Negotiations with Ryanair have stalled due to Omelyan media

Переговоры с Ryanair зашли в тупик из-за Омеляна – СМИ

The Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian

It is the Minister of infrastructure agreed with low-cost carrier at the initial stage.

Irish airline Ryanair have not found a place in the dense air the Ukraine. The reason, according to experts, were non-professional negotiations with the Ukrainian government in the person of Vladimir Omelyana.

According to RBC-Ukraine, the Minister of infrastructure failed negotiations with the airline at the initial stage of the process.

As stated in the article, the first meeting with representatives of the airline Omeljan conducted behind closed doors, and the result was the usual receipt, which was given all the details of future cooperation.

However, no failures and economic justifications for such conditions, the Minister was not. But the obvious plus a political rating, apparently, it was impossible to miss.

After a failed attempt of cooperation with the airport Zhulyany, representatives of Ryanair went to Borispol. The Director of state enterprise Pavel Ryabikin, in turn, before you go to any of the conditions analyzed the numbers and economic benefits from such cooperation. Then it became clear, that in such conditions the Ukrainian airport can not go.

“They demand that the rate of airport fee of 7.5 dollars were fixed and spread for the flight Kiev-London. And, they want all disputes between the “Boryspil” and Ryanair considered a British arbitration under English law”, explains Ryabikin.

According to him, to agree to the requirement were meant to volunteer to losses for the airport in 2 billion.

However, according to aviation expert Andrew Lanetsky with the low-cost airline could agree on other terms, only to do it at the initial stage, not to hope that in the turmoil of economy of the transaction to be sponsored by nobody.

What will be the outcome of protracted negotiations is not clear, because Ryanair is still configured to the prolongation of this process, which at this stage had to intervene and the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman.

According to experts, tough and open negotiations can succeed, because the low-cost airline is interested in the Ukrainian market. And we have, in spite of all pragmatic predictions in this matter, there are all conditions, without significant additional investment to allow the Ukrainians to travel at affordable prices.

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