Neither here nor there. Juncker denied Ukraine

Ни то, ни се. Юнкер открестился от Украины

Jean-Claude Juncker

The Chairman of the EC decided to remind that Ukraine is not a member of EU and NATO.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker called on EU ambassadors not to forget that Ukraine is not a member of NATO and the EU.

Thus he responded to the words of President Poroshenko that Ukraine will soon fulfil the conditions necessary for accession to the EU and NATO.


Neither here nor there

At a meeting with ambassadors of the European Union, Juncker said that it is not necessary to forget that in terms of EU membership, Ukraine is not a European country.

“I saw that my friend Poroshenko a few days ago said that Ukraine is the EU, is NATO. At the moment it is neither. All should know this. At the moment in the world there are 60 wars, of which none is in Europe, except Ukraine, which is not European in the sense of the European Union”, – said the head of the European Commission.

In addition, Juncker reminded ambassadors about the need to improve relations with Russia.

“It depends on Russia, it depends on us. But there is no European security in the coming century without Russia,” – said the European official.

His position, he argued by comparing the area of the territories of the EU (5.5 million sq km) and Russia (17, 5 million square km).

“Any questions?. Need, without relinquishing our values, no principles, having in mind the annexation of Crimea, and another, again to find a more adapted to the waiting us in the future dialogue with Russia”, – concluded the head of the European Commission.

August 26, Poroshenko said that Ukraine will continue on its European path and will become a member of EU and NATO.

“Some politicians in Ukraine and abroad also do not believe that we will get and the prospect of EU membership and the prospect of membership in NATO. We will overcome these barriers. We will change the country. Ukraine will meet all the criteria required in order to apply for membership. And we will continue our European and Euro-Atlantic path,” said Poroshenko during a speech at the world Congress of Ukrainians.

Note that the Ukrainian leader makes statements about European and Euro-Atlantic path in most of his speeches.


Walker also questioned

The US special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker, commenting on the words Poroshenko about NATO, said that while neither Ukraine nor the Alliance is not ready to join.

“I respect Ukraine, but I do not see the possibility that Ukraine is ready to join NATO, and NATO is ready to accept Ukraine in the situation in which it is,” said Walker.

He noted that before joining NATO, Ukraine should “reforms concerning defense and security and to tighten its economy and to overcome corruption and improve relations with neighbors.”

The us official also underlined that the process of accession to the North Atlantic Alliance takes a lot of time.

“The US, EU, Russia – everyone needs to understand that Ukraine is an independent state. Nobody can say when to join NATO. But this does not mean that Ukraine is close to that to get an invitation for NATO membership”, – said Walker.


Poroshenko insists

August 30, during his working trip to Lviv region the President again expressed confidence that Ukraine will become an EU member.

“Our common efforts will lead to the fact that Ukraine will join the EU and it will happen because we first and foremost believe in it. And together we will change the country. Let’s make Ukraine successful,” said Poroshenko.

He recalled that on September 1, comes into force the Association Agreement with the European Union.

“In spite of the violent opposition of Russia, the referendum, which they organized, in this year we did it…, September 1 shall enter into force key policy document for our country – the Association Agreement with the European Union”, – said the President.

Poroshenko stressed that the visa-free regime of Ukraine with the EU is the final farewell to the “Soviet, Russian Empire”.

“The great Ukrainian nation returned to the European family,” the President said.


Ukraine to the EU for another 20 years

In March last year, Juncker made a statement on Ukraine, which is not a day discussed social networks and experts.

“Ukraine certainly not be able to join the EU next 20-25 years, the same applies to NATO membership”, – said the head of the European Commission.

The cadet was an opponent of the referendum in the Netherlands about the EU Association with Ukraine. In his opinion, the negative result of the vote threatened the European Union with a new crisis.

“I want the Dutch realized that the importance of this issue goes far beyond the Netherlands… I don’t believe that the Dutch will say “no” because it may open the door for large continental crisis,” the politician said.

Yunker emphasized, that Russia in case of a negative outcome of the referendum “will pluck the fruits of an easy victory”.

It is also worth noting that the head of the European Commission advocated bezviz and demanded from Brussels early agreement.