Neither the first nor the second Maidan wild oligarchic capitalism in Ukraine has not been canceled

Ни первый, ни второй майданы дикий олигархический капитализм в Украине не отменяли


Circus – this is the mildest expression that can describe the problem with subsidies or with the issue of housing benefits. Remember, in 2016 compared to last year, utilities rose by 32.4%, while the income of the population decreased by 19%. So yesterday, December 8, held several rallies demanding the reduction of tariffs, higher wages and social standards under the buildings of the Cabinet and the Verkhovna Rada.

Frankly, it’s just a mockery of common sense, just a mockery of the economy and social justice, at least, by the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavel Rozenko. God forbid that he understood this and played the situation to at least the middle of 2017. If nothing is “banging” and nothing will change for the better, it will be very bad for the whole country. Oh, and then you can tell any scary movies. Can’t go wrong.

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Apparently, our government make the ordinary citizen a typical Ukrainian, which in one hand the fat, and the other calculator to calculate how many at the moment is this piece of fat and how much is left of the money from paycheck, to pay the utility tariffs. Adequate man harder and harder to accept all the lies that are big officials and politicians in the various television talk shows. Your lies have just sick.

But what we are now seeing we are in the commodity, currency and especially in the market of public services, as well as with the sale of assets of insolvent banks, is the war of all against all. And rules here already, there is only a tweaked corruption schemes. And the meetings of the Cabinet politicians talk a lot but essentially about nothing. Wonder why almost all our Ministers do not like to speak the truth? Because with lies you can control people, but using the truth – no. This convincing evidence and in their e-returns.

So on Wednesday, December 7, at a government meeting Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman just stated the fact of the failure of the tender for the sale of the HMO, in the hearts of saying: “I would fire everyone who manages the state property Fund of Ukraine. If it were my authority, all would have been fired.” Yes, the situation with the filling of the state budget is simply breath-taking. There is something so much worry and cast lightning premiere. What to expect next? I think if our manufacturers on product quality are already saving nowhere unless the authorities and owners of enterprises to raise productivity, inevitably sharply will continue the process of reducing the salaries of workers and specialists.

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Let’s see how our “elite” does not give their money in housing reform and modernization of gas production, but ordinary Ukrainians, they blatantly stripped: stealing 1/3 and 2/3 transfer to their control of financial flows of the state budget. And in what does not deny, dear citizens. Still neither the first nor the second Maidan wild oligarchic capitalism in Ukraine has not been canceled. Plus, to be honest, and after all the scandals and turmoil, our banking system remains opaque. It burst the banks, on accounts of which lost billions of hryvnia and foreign currency depositors and customers of, literally washed the middle class and made the previously wealthy to the poor beggars.

And still with the same criterion as the reliability of the Bank, to understand the investor or the customer is unlikely. Although this could help rating agencies. In addition to our financial market remain powerful risks, such as liquidity (there has been a significant outflow of deposits), foreign exchange risks, a sharp deterioration in asset quality and loan portfolio, the devaluation of the hryvnia, and more. And there are still no recommendations of the national Bank for troubled banks. Not solved, in particular, the problem of related-party lending. Therefore, it is impossible not to agree: we are facing two scenarios – bad and worse.

All of this negative for the Cabinet, came another fateful moment – it is necessary to prevent the bankruptcy of those enterprises that stand in his face. Defaults, including the housing sector, need to clean up our economy, rid her of debts and troubled assets. Here we need decisive government action. Such examples in history is well known. For example, during the great depression in the United States businesses that have experienced financial difficulties, just bankrupt. But their production capacity in the form of machines, equipment, etc. will not disappear. They are cheap on sale, cutting prices on the market, but the one who bought them, used these assets for its operations. Thus, the capital was redistributed from the less competent entrepreneurs to be more successful and professional.

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However, when our political leaders tell us that not enough money is already cunning, as money is never enough. One thing we very clearly and convincingly showed in his e-declarations, well-known MPs. More important than complain and ask for another tranche of loan from IMF, which in the amount of $ 1 billion. USA until the end of 2016, we have not exactly get better to determine priorities for investing money. While openly setting clear criteria of effectiveness of spending of Finance. And for that, it’s time to create transparent mechanisms for determining such efficiency, but not like now – the more you give money, the more will be stolen.

Thus, it becomes more obvious the fact that the situation in the economy of Ukraine is fraught with the widespread growth of social tensions, protectionism and xenophobia.

Just now, I have no doubt that for the majority of Ukrainians will be useful the experience of living in the Soviet Union, when a heading “councils to the house master” in the journal “Science and life” was very much relevant. When Breakfast was cooked and not bought in supermarkets and restaurants, when things were ugly, but durable. Today it is again becoming popular. Plus, we still have to abandon the high European social guarantees, and also from the same high standards of consumption. We are now the authorities are advised to live modestly and to return to the traditional Ukrainian everyday life.

Alexander GONCHAROV,

the head of the site,

Director of the Institute for development of economy of Ukraine

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