Neptune took off from the Ground better than Hubble

Нептун сняли с Земли лучше Хаббла

The first high-quality photos of Neptune from the Earth

For the first time, astronomers from Earth were able to obtain high-quality photos of Neptune. Before the planet could remove only the Hubble.

Scientists have found a way to create clear images of distant objects in the cosmos from observatories on earth. Prior to this, the noise generated by small particles, are not allowed to make a quality picture.

With the new technology “laser stars” astronomers first photographed Neptune with an accuracy of orbital telescope Hubble. Relevant research published on the website of the European southern Observatory.

Astronomers used “laser stars” – the piece is highlighted by a laser with a wave of a certain long objects. This radiation “neutralizes” the atoms in the Earth’s atmosphere, which create the noise. On the eve of NASA showed a colorful picture of the atmosphere of Jupiter

This method will allow scientists to study the chemical composition of cosmic bodies, moderately distant from the Earth.

Previously, astronomers have found a star, engulfing the planet

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