Nevada power filed for Tesla to court

Власти Невады подали на Tesla в суд

The state is the largest production company that creates the electric motors and batteries.

In America the state of Nevada sued the company Tesla in court. The reason was failure to pay taxes on unemployment insurance. It is reported Bloomberg.

The authorities of Nevada said that the company underpaid taxes in the first half of 2018. Two blocks from the Tesla has accumulated 655 thousand dollars of debt.

After a lawsuit in court representatives of the company contacted the authorities. Tesla said that an error occurred in the calculation and on October 9 the company has paid all the debts.

For Tesla this is not the first shipboard trial. In September 2018 the US Department of justice launched an investigation against Tesla because of Elon musk on Twitter.

After this incident, the Mask was obliged to leave the post of head of the Board of Directors of Tesla and pay 20 million in fines.

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