New An-132. As Ukraine without Russia

Новый Ан-132. Как Украина обошлась без России

Ukrainian Antonov together with Saudi Arabia is building a new transport aircraft.

Kiev presented a new lightweight transport plane class An-132D, which was sproektiruet the state enterprise Antonov, but builds together with Saudi Arabia.

At a ceremonial rollout of the aircraft was attended by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and the Prince of Saudi Arabia Turki bin Saud bin Muhammad al-Saud.

However, the work is not yet over and the presentation was shown while only the first instance that has yet to pass a series of tests.

But despite this, the An-132 suggests that the Ukrainian aviation industry is developing.

Корреспондент.net decided to gather all the facts about the new Ukrainian swallow, and also to compare with the aircraft in Russia, as the 2014 Ukrainian and Russian industry in this field was closely connected.


Saudi partners

Новый Ан-132. Как Украина обошлась без России

GP Antonov

The draft of the new Ukrainian aircraft was launched in 2015. Then Ukraine and Saudi Arabia agreed on a new transport.

Riyadh chose for the basis of the new aircraft An-32 Antonov in may with Saudi Taqnia Aeronautics signed a contract on production of An-132 in Saudi Arabia.

Although the aircraft was shown many times on international exhibitions, he was introduced officially in Ukraine on December 20, 2016.

The first flight zaplanirovan March 2017.

The cost of the aircraft is estimated to be from 30 to 50 million dollars.

As the Director of the project Alexander Khokhlov, project partners from Saudi Arabia want to EN-132 in options special purpose – to rescue, search and reconnaissance operations.

Under the terms of the contract, the Ukrainian side needs to build the An-132, lifting him into the air and perform an initial testing phase, providing the possibility of flights of this aircraft to Saudi Arabia to demonstrate.

In Saudi Arabia at the moment is building a plant for the production of An-132.

According to preliminary estimates, the market demand is about 300 aircraft.


Features the an-132

The new Ukrainian plane was developed on the basis of the An-32, but differs from it in parts of Britain, the United States and Canada, which significantly increased its performance.

Light transport aircraft An-132 is designed for transportation of various loads weighing more than nine tons to the near – and medium – haul routes.

It has American avionics Honeywell Primus, British propellers Dowty Propellers, air system Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse, as well as new engines PW150A Pratt & Whitney Canada power 5071 horsepower.

The fuselage of the an-132 accommodates two crew members, 46 paratroopers or 75 soldiers, or 27 patients on stretchers and two doctors.

Criticism and the success of Russia

The head of the Internet portal Roman Gusarov believes that the An-132 one-to-one Soviet An-32, only “with a new engine, new Avionika and import substitution – minus the Russian suppliers”.

In an interview with the Russian service Bi-bi-si head of the analytical services Agency AviaPort Oleg Panteleyev said that the Ukrainian aircraft construction in contrast, the “only new”, because the number of innovations is really big.

“Installing a new engine and a new avianti demanded more design work”, – said the expert, noting that the work by Western standards hard.

The Russian deficit

Новый Ан-132. Как Украина обошлась без России

Russian Weapons

It is known that in the Russian market deficiency of new transport aircraft, and the military fleet of the Russian Federation consists of the old an-26, An-12 and An-124.

In the nineties Russia wanted to rectify that situation by developing a light transport aircraft Il-112. But the project suffered from lack of funds, and later all was forgotten, as Russia gave preference to the Ukrainian An-140.

But after the annexation of Crimea and the outbreak of hostilities in Eastern Ukraine Kiev and Moscow broke off cooperation in military-technical sphere, so the defense Ministry has concluded with the enterprise the contract for the Ilyushin Il-112.

At the same time Russia a couple of months ago wanted to buy Ukraine license production of the an-140, but the Ukrainian side refused.

It is expected that the first flight of the Il-112 will take place next year. For technical characteristics, it will give Ukrainian An-132: capacity – six tons, passenger capacity – 44 persons and two crew members.

Note also that this weekend the media reported that Russia plans to buy from Ukraine 12 carrier rockets Zenit to launch satellites.

Новый Ан-132. Как Украина обошлась без России


Previously, Russia has refused Ukrainian Zenith, but as Russian producers are not able to finish super-heavy Anegro, Moscow returned to this option.

Корреспондент.net previously understood as Ukraine trades with Russia, despite sanctions.