New Chapter of “Kirovgeologia” chose 12 non-professional counselors.

The new CEO of strategic Ukrainian enterprises GP “Kirovgeologia” Vitaly Nelga, which, according to the media, has the relevant experience brought to the company 12 advisors who do not have to do with Geology is irrelevant. This was told by chief geologist KP “Kirovgeologiya” Alex, Falkovich, reports “UNN”.

In addition, according to the expert, now with GP “Kirovgeologia” fired 5 of the most professional and experienced scientists.

“I want to tell you that from the 1st of December with this company 5 basic experts on Geology retire, so if I can, I will not comment on B. Nalgo, who scored 12 advisers to Geology do not have any relationship,” he said.

Answering a journalist’s question about whether the fact disclosed by V. Nilgai information about the power of the new Konstantinovsky field geologist replied that he would not comment on that, because such data are proprietary information and not subject to disclosure.

Recall, the strategic research and geological enterprise “Kirovgeologia” was headed by 38-year-old V. Nelga, which, according to media reports, has specialized education and relevant work experience.

MP S. Kaplin commenting on the appointment noted that lobbyists nonprofessional people in the government positions should be held responsible.