New: For the liberation of Donbass need less than a day

Наев: Для освобождения Донбасса нужно меньше суток

Lieutenant-General Sergey New

Ex-commander of the EP stressed that it is not by force to release all non-government-controlled territory.

Former commander of the United forces of Ukraine Serhiy Neev said that the return of uncontrolled territories in Donbas military will need less than a day. He said this in an interview with TSN, which was published in Sunday, may 12.

“Directly on the military operation on liberation of the territory will go a very little time − less than a day. Most importantly in this case − very quick action to reach the Ukrainian border and to gain a foothold there,” said the ex-commander.

According to him, “in the liberated territory immediately needs to develop special events for national guard, national police, other law enforcement agencies”.

While New emphasized that the Ukrainian military now is not to use force to liberate the entire territory of Donbas, as the government has identified that the main way to obtain victory − the politico-diplomatic.

He also said that the separatists have plans for offensive action in the East of Ukraine, but the military know threatened sectors of the line of contact, and such area more than ten.

“We provide response actions in these areas by all means is constantly ready to react,” said the former commander.

We will remind, on may 6, it became known that the President Petro Poroshenko dismissed Nueva the post commander OOS and appointed instead of it Alexander Mirskogo.

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