New Govt urged to pay more attention to immigrants

Новый Кабмин призывают уделить больше внимания переселенцам

In Ukraine carried out a number of legal acts on the issue of migrants, celebrate community

Public men addressed a letter to the Prime Minister Groisman.

Public organization appealed to the new Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman with the requirement to pay more attention to the resettlement issue. This is stated in the letter of the public initiative “Restoring Donbas”.

In particular, demand from the Prime Minister to reinstate a revoked certificate of IDP, to renew the pension and other social payments, to develop normative-legal acts expired by the previous government.

The hotline Centre Advisory assistance to displaced people, has received thousands of calls from migrants, which the Ministry of social policy and the Pension Fund cancelled payments and pensions. According to the head of Centre Inna Mishina, a particularly egregious case was to check the displaced persons, who moved back in 2014 and since then not been back to the uncontrolled territory.

Also, in his letter, the public notice that by 13 April had to be amended in the regulatory legal acts of the Cabinet of Ministers, providing for the strengthening of guarantees of the rights and freedoms of migrants that are still not done.

Recall, according to the Ministry of social policy as of April 25 taken on record 1.78 million people or 1.45 million families from Donbas and Crimea.