New hardwork: two new cryptocurrency

Новый хардфорк: появились две новые криптовалюты


New cryptocurrencies have their functions.

Took a new hardwork Bitcoin, which appeared cryptocurrency Bitcoin World (WBTC). The purpose of the project, according to its creators, is the construction of a “global application infrastructure.” Hardwork occurred on January 12 at block 503 888, reports the

It is noted that the total number of World Bitcoin would amount to 2,121 billion, Of which 21 million will remain under the control of the organization WBTC Foundation, which will use them for marketing, create a global ecosystem and development of new features.

Holders of bitcoin unable to WBTC in a ratio of 1:100 WBTC.

In addition, the Bitcoin network Cash held hardwork Bitcoin Candy. Holders BCH unable to CDY in the ratio of 1 BCH:1000 CDY. According to the creators, the project must protect the cryptocurrency from a hypothetical threat of quantum computing.

It was reported that the network of bitcoin occurred hardwork Bitcoin Diamond.

Previously from Bitcoin broke new cryptocurrency Bitcoin God.