New Ministry of health a third cut spending on people with rare diseases

Новый Минздрав на треть урезал расходы на людей с редкими заболеваниями

Financing the purchase of drugs for certain diseases has reduced by almost half. Last crew is planned to increase financing of this segment of 160 million UAH.

The new team of the Ministry of health on the third cut budget costs for the purchase of medicines for people with rare diseases. This is with reference to the data of the budget bill for the year 2020 according to Ukrainian Pravda on Friday, September 20.

Funding for some diseases was reduced by almost half. For example, if in 2019 for children with cystic fibrosis, the state spent 72,393 million UAH, in 2020 plan to spend 34,822 million.

Also almost twice cut the funding of adult patients with hemophilia: with 463,73 million UAH in 2019 to $ 262 million UAH in 2020.

In the community of patients with orphan diseases opinions that the spending cuts, the actions of the former head of Moza Ulyana Suprun. But the documents show that the team was asked to create a separate budget program for orphan diseases and spoke about increasing its funding. Increased funding should have been $ 160 million.

We will remind that earlier the new head of the Ministry Zoryana Skaletska said that he would not hold communication with the population in the form in which it was done Suprun.

It was also reported that the audit chamber will conduct an audit of the Board Suprun. She Suprun said that the request by the Committee came from Peter Bagram, the company which at the time of Bogatyryova was probably the main sellers of drugs at inflated prices to the Ministry of health.

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