New speaker “spreads” not worse Groisman

Новый спикер "разводит" не хуже Гройсмана

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What price Lutsenko becomes the attorney General. I already wrote about the fact that Kolomoisky gave for the “law of Lutsenko” 25 votes, and gas oligarchs from the group “will of the people” covered the rest, which is not enough.

Tried with Yuri Levchenko to register a draft resolution on the abolition of voting for the “law of Lutsenko”. What is provided by article 48 of the rules. To do in order to stop the sight of the law by the speaker.

But here’s the problem – in the sector of registration “suddenly” disappeared from the Internet and internal database of the Parliament stopped working… and nothing is impossible to register. Until understood, Parubiy did the trick. Just went up to him – “the law Lutsenko” they have endorsed and directed Poroshenko for signature. Here we have a new speaker – “divorce” is not worse Groisman!

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Новый спикер "разводит" не хуже Гройсмана

The vote on Lutsenko, the public Prosecutor is expected today in 16 hours.

Sergey Leshchenko

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