New year in Kiev: Snow is not expected

Новый год в Киеве: Снег не ожидается

Lighting the main Christmas tree of Kyiv

In the capital, December 31 there is partly cloudy weather and icy roads. This is with reference to “Reuters” reports the press service of Kyiv city state administration (KCSA).

As forecasters predict, on 31 December in Kyiv no precipitation. On the roads in some places sleet. Western wind of 7-12 m/S. the Temperature is around 0°.

At KCSA has encouraged drivers to be attentive and careful on city roads.

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Pedestrians are encouraged to move on the sidewalks with care, cross the road only at designated places, to be careful.

Note that throughout Ukraine today will be mostly no precipitations, temperature from -3 to 4 degrees.

According to a forecast meteorologist, new year’s eve precipitation is not expected, bude frost weak, from 1 to 6 degrees.

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