News about PrivatBank has no effect on the market by the NBU

Новости о ПриватБанке уже не влияют на рынок – НБУ

In NBU believe that coped with the psychological pressure on the hryvnia

The national Bank conducted foreign exchange intervention on 20 December.

The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) concluded the normalization of the situation in the foreign exchange market on the background of reducing the psychological pressure on the hryvnia exchange rate due to news about the nationalization of PrivatBank. This is stated in the comments of the Chairman of the national Bank Oleg Churia.

“The situation on the currency market remains stable after the national Bank currency interventions on December 20. In the first days of the week a temporary psychological pressure on the hryvnia had news about Privat, but the situation has normalized,” said Curi.

He noted that due to the further receipt of proceeds from the export of grain remains on the market with a high supply of currency. Also, according to him, this contributes to the price situation in other Ukrainian exports, in particular steel and iron ore.

The national Bank is ready to smooth excessive fluctuations in the case that temporary factors will again start to assess the situation on the currency market.

As reported Корреспондент.neton the eve of the NBU have promised to prevent the collapse of the hryvnia. The Central Bank said on sufficient reserves to calm the foreign exchange market.

Earlier, the national Bank called “realistic” exchange rate of hryvnia in 2017.

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