NewsOne TV channel declared about the beginning of the persecution

Телеканал NewsOne заявил о начавшейся травле

In television NewsOne has serious problems

The channel claim that not cooperating with the Russian TV channel Russia 1.

TV channel NewsOne said that yesterday in the media and social networks began an information campaign, which aims to close it. This is stated in the statement of the press service of the channel.

“In Facebook adviser to the interior Minister of Ukraine Ilya Kiva appeared false information about the alleged provision by the owner of the channel Jevgenijs Musaevym platform for anti-Ukrainian propaganda. A false assumption was the output on channel 1 Russia, a story about language quotas, where among other things was referred to as the channel NewsOne and Mr. Moore personally,” – said in a statement.

The channel claims that Moore did not give an interview with Dmitry Kiselyov.

“The representatives of the channel Russia 1, which broadcasted a program, turned to Eugene for comment, but he refused. Other members of NewsOne journalists TC Russia 1 is not addressed, say on the TV channel and added that “the story, aired by the Russian TV channel, this personal interview, this person Evgeny Chervonenko without coordination with the management of NewsOne and reflects solely his personal position”.

The channel has assured that NewsOne gave the TV channel Russia 1 permission to use any audio or video, especially not talking about cooperation between TV channels.

Also, the TV people pay attention to these words of Ilya Kiva, like “silence of the Kremlin propaganda, broadcast through cotton channel NewsOne and take on the mission of destroying the enemy within the state”.

On NewsOne believe that this has “direct evidence of a crime under part 2 of article 171 UK of Ukraine (the effect in any form a journalist with a purpose to prevent the discharge of professional duties or prosecution of journalists in connection with his lawful professional activities)”.

“Considering the above, request not to remain indifferent to the question of the cynical attack on freedom of speech in Ukraine, which has become hostage to our channel… Our position remains unchanged: freedom of speech in Ukraine should not depend on false allegations, unverified facts and baseless accusations,” he said at NewsOne and was invited to perform in the Studio, everyone who has an opinion on this issue.

As reported Корреспондент.netin the autumn of 2016, the TV channel NewsOne decided to check unplanned. The national Council on television and radio has appointed such a test due to broadcast advertising of a political party that may be contrary to the current zakonodatelstvu.