Neymar and Mbappe pay hundreds of thousands of euros thanks to the fans

Неймару и Мбаппе платят сотни тысяч евро за благодарность болельщикам

Top players of Parisians are getting a good raise because pop fans, according to Football Leaks.

Once the exposure from the authors of Football Leaks reported that the top players PSG pay their gratitude to the fans.

So, in club there are the so-called “ethics award”. Among the conditions for receiving this bonus, there is a commitment to welcome and to thank the fans before and after every game.

This bonus reaches 375 thousand Euro per month in the case of Neymar and 117 thousand with Killian Mbappe. Dani Alves and Edinson Cavani gets for the same actions 70 thousand, and Thiago Silva is only 33 thousand.

Earlier it was reported that in the previous investigation Football Leaks published information that in the period from 2013 to 2018 PSG players were selected, considering their racial identity. The club confirmed this information and condemned racial discrimination.

According to the materials: