NHL. Carlyle returns to Anaheim

НХЛ. Карлайл возвращается в Анахайм

Randy Carlyle

Randy Carlyle returned as head coach of Anaheim.

The leadership of the Anaheim mighty ducks announced the appointment of a new head coach. They became Randy Carlyle, who has already managed to play a great role in the history of the Mighty Ducks.

Randy Carlyle led the club from California in the period from 2005 to 2012 During this time the specialist was able to lead the team to winning the Stanley Cup (2007).

Led Anaheim mentor spent a total of 516 games, which is a record. Of these 516 matches Carlisle 273 times came out the winner.

Club General Manager Bob Murray, commenting on the appointment of a new coach, said the following:

“A coach with experience for the winner and a great motivator. Our expectations are very high. I believe that Randy is the coach who will lead us to success in the playoffs, and to our main goal – winning the Stanley Cup.

Carlisle have added:

“I’m glad to be back, and I believe that Anaheim can win immediately.”

Let us add that the last place of work, Carlisle was the Toronto maple Leaves.

We will remind that the post of chief coach of the mighty ducks became vacant immediately after the departure of the team from the 1/4 finals of the playoffs against Nashville, then was fired Bruce Boudreau.

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