Nicoll scandal live from-for the Russian language

Ницой устроила скандал в прямом эфире из-за русского языка

Nicoi with the scandal left the Studio NewsOne after a dispute with the leading on the Russian language

The writer said that the constitutional court argues that the Ukrainian language is a mandatory means of communication in all public spheres of life.

Children’s writer Larissa Nicoi with the scandal left the Studio of the TV channel NEWSONE. She was unhappy that the host of the program Big Tuesday Diana Panchenko refused to go into the Ukrainian language.

“I don’t quite understand where I came from. Nobody told me that national minority. If you have a national channel, I would ask You to speak Ukrainian”, – she said to a leading.

Nicoll stated that article 10 of the Constitution on language “have been explained by the constitutional court” and held that “the Ukrainian language is a mandatory means of communication in all spheres of public life.”

Leading replied to her, saying that the words of the writer are not true. “No one forbids me to speak Russian on television. There is a law on quotas, which we do. I ask You not to violate the rules of the air,” said Diana Panchenko.

Larissa Nicoll accused her of failure to comply with the constitutional court’s decision and stated that the leading “sums under article”. After leading refused to go to the Ukrainian, Nicoll did not want to take part in the air and left the Studio.

We will remind, the bill on the state language, supported in the first reading by the Verkhovna Rada envisages criminal responsibility for the violation of the language.

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