Nikolaev police rescued a man who tried to jump off the bridge

Полиция Николаева спасла мужчину, пытавшегося спрыгнуть с моста

Patrol rescued the man commit suicide

Drunken man climbed onto the bridge and shouted that he wanted to commit suicide. The police managed to save him.

In Nikolaev the patrol didn’t allow the man who tried to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge, reports the press service of the patrol police of the Nikolaev area.

Sunday, February 24, at about midnight on spetsliniyu “102” received a reported that an unknown man wants to jump from Shirokopolosnogo overpass.

Arrived on the scene a few outfits patrol police. In the middle of the overpass, the inspectors noticed an unknown man, who was standing behind the railing and shouted that he wanted to commit suicide. It was with obvious signs of alcoholic intoxication and constantly demanded from patrol to communicate with him but without firearms.

Having established contact with the man and reassured him, the police came to close and the unknown force dragged him to a safe area. The man was delivered to the Ship police Department, where he called for an ambulance.

Earlier in the Dnipro district of Kyiv found the body of a man who had previously committed suicide.

It was also reported that in Mariupol on the Sea Boulevard, the 34-year-old man jumped from the window of a residential building on the fifth floor and died.

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