Nissan has estimated the damage from fraud Carlos Ghosn

Nissan подсчитала ущерб от махинаций Карлоса Гона

The damage from frauds of Nissan Carlos Ghosn was $327 million, the Company plans to file a lawsuit.

Financial fraud the former head of the Japanese Corporation Nissan Carlos Ghosn has caused damage in the amount of 35 billion yen ($327 million). On Monday on a press-conferences were declared by the Chairman of the group’s Board of Directors Yasushi Kimura, reports TASS.

“Our internal investigation concerning Carlos Ghosn lasted from October last year. We calculated that the total loss caused by his fraud amounted to 35 billion yen. In this regard, we intend to file a lawsuit in court,” he said following the meeting of shareholders of the Corporation.

Recall, November 19, 2018, Carlos Ghosn and Greg Kelly was detained in Tokyo. The rut was accused of understating the size of his five-year remuneration of half – a $44 million, and Kelly is aiding the Rut. Also, according to the investigation, Ghosn moved to Nissan their personal financial losses from a failed securities transactions in 2008.

Already on 22 November, the Board of Directors of Nissan voted for the resignation of Ghosn as Chairman of the group and the dismissal of Kelly.

In late January, Carlos Ghosn resigned from the post of President of Renault.

Kelly was released on bail late last year. But on March 6, gon was released from prison on bail of $9 million, however, on 4 April he was again arrested in connection with the new allegations of fraud.

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