NKREKU in the second quarter will establish a working group with business improvement techniques the cost of transporting gas

The national Commission exercising state regulation in the field of energy and utilities of Ukraine intends in the 2nd quarter of 2017 to establish a working group jointly with the Association of enterprises “Ukrmetallurgprom”, Federation of metallurgists of Ukraine, other industry and business associations on the question of improving the methods of calculating the cost of transportation of natural gas for consumers-legal entities, the head of the national Commission Dmitry Vovk. It is reported uaprom.info.

“We will create a working group jointly with the American chamber of Commerce, the Association of producers of Ukraine, “Ukrmetallurgprom” and the Federation of metallurgists of Ukraine in the 2nd quarter for improving the methods. And now invite members Natskomisii make it,” he said during public hearings of the national Commission on Tuesday.

After that, members Natskomisii supported the change to this methodology and introduced from April the tariff system “input-output” to gas transportation system (GTS).

The new tariffs are calculated by the method approved by the national Commission in December of 2015, which is based on the amortization of the CTA until 2019 (prior to the expiration of the contract “Naftogaza” with “Gazprom”) following the expiration of this period, prices should significantly fall.

As stated during the hearing Alexander Kalenkov, the head of the OP “Ukrmetallurgprom” in Ukraine is currently one of the highest tariffs for gas transportation.

“I want to pay attention to it did not become a historical decision of the national Commission, which will bury our industry. I understand that this is due to the fact that appreciated and amortize the GTS to “Gazprom”. But whether Gazprom is good or bad is a political question, but the Ukrainian industry is already bad,” he said.

According to him, if the proportion of the gas component in the cost of steel increases, the steel companies will decrease production and, accordingly, cargo transportation on Railways. “Less will be consumed of electricity, gas, etc.,” said Kalenkov.

The head of “Ukrmetallurgprom” also reported that the heads of the metallurgical enterprises there are many questions on this technique, in particular, as will be calculated rate: the maximum historical value for the past year or at maximum power, “which is in the pipe”.

In addition, it is unknown whether to apply the correction coefficients. “If a company can contract volumes of gas for the year ahead, will there be a discount”, – said Kalenkov.

Present at the public hearing the representative of the American chamber of Commerce Tatyana Tamuk also criticized the high cost of transporting gas, noting that the tariff for the entry points of the GTS is the highest in Europe.

“This rate is not sustainable, so they are asking for a re-hearing and re-discuss the method of depreciation, cost of capital, cost, currency, etc.” – said the representative of the importer of gas in Ukraine, the company Trailstone.

Speaking at the event, the head of the Federation of metallurgists of Ukraine Sergei Belenky also said that the share of transport in the price of gas is about 20%, which is the highest in Europe.

“What we offer: as you know, today the ratio for cross-border entry points is 0.3. We proposed to reduce it to 0.1 and, consequently, to increase the odds at the exit points. This will balance the interests of the state and industrial enterprises”, – said white.

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