NKREKU: Tariffs in Ukraine – the lowest in Europe

НКРЭКУ: Тарифы в Украине – самые низкие в Европе

In Ukraine, the electricity tariff is the lowest in Europe

In Ukraine the lowest rates for electricity, said Vovk.

In Ukraine, the lowest electricity tariffs among the European countries. This statement in an interview with the New times was made head of the National Commission for state regulation of energy market and utilities Dmitry Vovk.

He noted that, according to Eurostat, the average in the EU 28 about 20 cents/kWh, which corresponds to 6 UAH/kW*h In Ukraine, above 1.6 UAH/kWh for the people there.

“Often appeal, supposedly in the presence of atomic energy rates may be lower. But the example of France suggests otherwise – when there is higher than in Ukraine the share of NPPs in production rates for the population of around 5 UAH/kW*h, which was significantly higher than in Ukraine; and forget that social protection is the task of the government,” – said Vovk.

According to him, the allegation by the head of NABU that NKREKU illegally used the formula Rotterdam+ for the formation of coal prices is unfounded.

“Methodology of formation of wholesale prices for electrical energy were developed publicly, with observance of all norms of the legislation of almost 4 months. During this time the document was submitted for public comment, and approved by all relevant authorities: the Ministry of energy, the Antimonopoly Committee, the State regulatory service and registered in the Ministry of justice, in its decision affirmed the compliance with the legislation,” – said Vovk.

We will remind, in Ukraine since March 1, prices for electricity increased on average by 25%.


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