No change, but more expensive. What’s wrong with the new iPhone

Без перемен, но дороже. Что не так с новыми iPhone

New iPhones was surprised by just price

Apple shares lost value after the presentation of new gadgets, while sales of the most popular iPhones stopped.

At the presentation of Apple showed three new models of iPhones – the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs iPhone Max and XR. The event is annually followed by millions of people, expecting a new revolution in the smartphone market. However, this time as recent years, Apple is not showing anything new.

They are all made in the likeness of iPhone X – edge-to-edge screen and a fringe that hid Face ID (Home button with sensor fingerprint is no longer). Thus, they are much more expensive.

On the occasion of the release of new models Apple decided to stop selling its popular IPhone SE the iPhone 6s and iPhone X. And investors are not inspired by the new iPhones, slightly topple Apple. Корреспондент.net tells details.


Than the iPhone XS and XS is Max different from X

New iPhone Xs is an almost exact copy of last year’s iPhone X. the size of the display is 5.8 inches, and occupies almost the entire front panel. iPhone Max Xs is an enlarged copy of the iPhone Xs – 6.5 inches.

Was there a revolution? Apple presented the iPhone X

Без перемен, но дороже. Что не так с новыми iPhone

iPhone iPhone X vs Xs

Like iPhone X, the new models have a face scanner Face ID, which last year was presented as a revolution in smartphone protection.

Criticize the fringe – cut the top of the dashboard for face scanner – remained. It should be noted that this “flaw” has become a trend for Chinese smartphone.

Scandals Apple. As iPhone X was the most problematic

Another “revolutionary” innovation Apple has become a function of two SIM cards in smartphones. Two physical cards available only for China, for the rest – the second map is a virtual eSIM. With this iPhone XS and Xs Max is incompatible with existing SIM cards.

Без перемен, но дороже. Что не так с новыми iPhone

Prices for the new iPhones

In Ukraine, prices for the iPhone Xs start from $ 39 999 hryvnia, and iPhone Xs Max – 44 999 hryvnia. Will go on sale in Ukraine in the first half of October.

One of the advantages of Xs: A12 fast processor Bionic (promise 30 percent faster iPhone X), the “gold” corpus, version for 512 gigabytes, the battery lasts half an hour longer than the iPhone X, can survive at depth under water for half an hour.

One of the advantages of Xs Max: – screen 6.5 inch (the largest iPhone), and the battery lasts a half hour longer than the iPhone X. like Xs.


“Budget” iPhone Xr

Colorful successor to the iPhone 8. To reduce the price of Apple has replaced the expensive OLED screen on outdated LCD. Steel body replaced by aluminum.

Other functions which could be saved, got the XR in the inheritance from the entire range of X – and face scanner Face ID, and super-fast chip A12 Bionic.

The iPhone XR in Ukraine will start from 29 999 USD. Will go on sale in October.

One of the advantages of the Xr: the six bright colors, 256 GB of internal storage, 6.1 inch screen, single camera, but is able to blur the background.


The problem with eSIM

Unlike a regular SIM card chips eSIM manufacturers build in the electronic device. The letter “e” in the title means “embedded” – embedded in English.

In the rest of the eSIM has the same characteristics as the normal SIM card. The main advantage of the new module is that its chip can be reprogrammed by the provider of mobile services and not have to change the SIM card physically.

In addition, there will be no more problems with the wrong size SIM card, and change the operator can now be faster and easier.

However, e-SIM limits the possibilities, as the smartphone manufacturer itself determines which operators will cooperate.

This technology Apple has already run on the iPad, and Apple Watch Series 3. Today, through the eSIM from Apple you can connect to the mobile operators in 140 countries.

There is also the question of protection of information – cloning of SIM cards and electronic theft of SIM cards.

But none of the Ukrainian operators not supported by eSIM. To connect to the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs iPhone Max or Xr the second number will not work.

Only if Apple has not set a software limit on the activation of the second nano-SIM in the iPhone XS is Max then it could become a loophole for users.


Reaction of social networks on the new iPhone

Presentation of the new iPhone from Apple made fun of not only the users of social networks, but also competitors. So, Chinese manufacturer Huawei wrote: “Thanks for the lack of innovation. I’ll see you in London.”

Thank you for keeping things the same. See you in London. 16.10.18 #HigherIntelligence #HUAWEIMate20

— Huawei Mobile (@HuaweiMobile) 12 Sep 2018


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