No hot water and light. The situation in the energy sector

Без горячей воды и света. Ситуация в энергетике

What is happening in the Ukrainian energy sector due to the shortage of coal.

Ukraine has again problems in the energy sector, the Cabinet of Ministers extended until may extraordinary measures in this area.

Because of the blockade of Donbass Ukraine was left without coal, anthracite, which employs a powerful power plant in the country.

Now TPP are closed, people are without hot water and in summer may even be rolling blackouts.

The situation on the energy market understood Корреспондент.net.

Closing TES

On the eve of Nikolayevka in Donetsk region because of the shortage of coal stopped Slavyanskaya TPP.

According to the data about filling warehouses with coal now continues to work at Luganskaya TPP in Happiness.

Thus, five of the six TES in the moment, stopped work to save anthracite. Previously the work was stopped by Tripoli, Zmiev, Krivorozhskaya and Pridneprovskaya TPP.

No coal

Volodymyr Groysman said that to buy the coal in Australia or the United States.

But so far only DTEK announced the purchase of coal abroad in South Africa. The state with anybody on contracts not yet agreed.

“DTEK confirms the purchase of 600 thousand tons of coal from South Africa with the option to increase to 1 million tons. The arrival of the first ship to Ukraine with 75 thousand tons of anthracite is expected in June. Fuel will be shipped to anthracite TPP of DTEK, which will be included in the work to maintain the stability of the power system of Ukraine,” the company said.

This is the first in Ukraine’s history a precedent for the purchase of such volumes of anthracite on the distant markets in such a short time.

Power, in turn, want to ban coal supplies from Russia – the closest source of anthracite.

The Minister of energy and coal industry Igor Nasalik has made to the government for consideration a draft of such an order.


Now compared to the winter period the demand for electricity decreased. No TES an additional burden to lie on nuclear and hydroelectric power plants. But with the end of the flood HES already also will not be able to provide extra power.

Experts warn in summer peak loads of electricity from the TPP will be missed, can be a problem.

In addition, the stop TPP has led to the fact that in some cities people were left without hot water.

So stop Tripolskaya TPP without hot water until at least October left the city Ukrainka, Kyiv region.

Stop Prydniprovska TPP left without hot water separate districts of Dnepropetrovsk region.

In Mariupol hot water at the best estimates, will appear in the beginning of the heating season, i.e. in October, and at worst – at the end of the year.

As explained by Deputy mayor of Mariupol Michael Kohut, in order to temporarily solve the issue, it is necessary 100 million hryvnias. However, the water is of poor quality. Residents will have to pay 74 hryvnia per cubic meter of water, which temperature indicators will not meet the standards.

Mayor Vadim Boychenko added that the “limit gas we have, and that means it will have to steal.” Accordingly, the jeopardy will be the heating season.

Besides, on the “Mariupolteplomerezha” hanging a huge debt. It was 850 million hryvnia, for a year he managed to repay 70 million.

“We put in such conditions, we were forced to turn off the water, other alternative we have,” said Boychenko.

Not so bad?

On the other hand, Ukraine continues to export electricity to Moldova and the EU.

So, if capacity is enough for export, may not be all that we have is bad?