No Minsk agreements is an illusion and fake, and all of us hoodwinked

Нет никаких минских соглашений – это иллюзия и фейк, а нас всех водят за нос

Vladimir Parasyuk

Vlashchenko: Recent developments we are discussing with the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Volodymyr Parasyuk.

Hello, Volodya. Died recently Fidel Castro, a leftist revolutionary. How do you feel about this character?

Parasyuk: Neutral. That is not at all. We have enough of their national heroes, revolutionaries, but revolutionaries of the right, on which I was raised. Fidel Castro for me is just a figure in history.

– The theme of revolution relevant in the 21St century?

– It will always be relevant, because not all people think the same way. I believe that in Europe now there is a change of geopolitical views. Changes in General vector, that is a kind of democratic revolution. Most of the presidents who are there now are elected, are friends of Russia. There are two worldviews – a Pro-European and Pro-Russian. The Europeans lived in the European model of a certain period of time, and now choose something else.

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– Does it seem odd that the interrogationYanukovych has been devoted so long? That questioning did not take place that 20 people may not be able to go to the paddy wagons?

Now a lot of strange things here in Ukraine. But Yanukovych has no good intentions to join that was justice. I resent the fact that he plays the role of witness, not accused – it is a slap to all of us. I, as a Ukrainian, it’s very frustrating, and we understand that the Kremlin had written this script in order to make for Donbass of its small-town character. We further divide.

– I was most impressed with was not what he appeared, and the fact that three years have passed, and no investigations on the Maidan. Do you believe in the version of the driver that the Maidan was staged S. Levochkin?

– There are two sides to the coin. First – Yanukovych gave the opportunity to organize criminal group. The second is that not investigated these crimes – the question is that the current government is not profitable to imprison those who flawlessly executes their orders. They need this system in this form. She controlled, correct them. Poroshenko need CPC Portnov, because he needs him. It’s hand – he’s in manual mode can someone to punish and whom not to punish.

– You came on the scene of the Maidan and said that “favor” with Yanukovych not to sign. Have you ever seen ethave“favor” with Yanukovych?

– It is the same as the Minsk agreements.

– Have you read it?

– No. I was the guy who came to the revolution. At one time I was bored and I came out and said what I think. We received information from so-called leaders that we denounced what they’re doing. It does not come to us. Out of their mouths. It was primarily a protest against Yanukovych, and against those who led us the wrong way.

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– You do not mind that this document is never seen?

– I think he saw those people who went to Yanukovych’s office. It is a political orbit that was on the Maidan, and now is partially. Those who took the political responsibility, they saw it, probably.

– Why are you in three years nothing has changed?

– From the fact that people are not interested in political life, this does not mean that nothing is happening. We ask, why are not investigated crimes on the Maidan, and BP has the names of those who voted for Shokina, Lutsenko and all prosecutors who took on the responsibility. Why are people not interested? I would kind of errors were expelled from Parliament. And they are not one mistake they made – they made four errors. Because there were four attorney-General.

– Who should be responsible for what the soldiers at the front don’t have enough armors? Because stations still headed by the CEC? Who is responsible?

– Each problem has its own name. I’m for every vote answer. I really don’t like when you put us all in one row. This revolutionary protest movement in BP – it’s already almost gone. More of all it blow the people who stood with us on Maidan. We are reaching out to people, communicate, and put us to hard questions. And corrupt, who are 25 years ruled the country, go through the back door, so attention to them is not emphasized.

– Watching the deputies of the 8th convocation, I must say that none of them has become worse.

– How can you tell about me?

– I think that you live well – you are like a dying of cold or hunger.

– What starting point you take? You didn’t know me pre-political life? I don’t need to put in one row. I really don’t like when they say – or not all. This is wrong.

– BP has a lot of decent people, but unfortunately, they failed to move the situation forward.

That is not true. Electronic Declaration – is the gateway to the truth, which helps us to make a decision. We fought for the introduction of this electronic Declaration is not one month. And when we reached the finish line, only four deputies were able to press the issue in the NACP. And people saw whom they choose.

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– However – is not reform.

– As kleptocrats can you make a reform? Reforms can make honest and decent people. I believe that in Ukraine there is only one reform in law enforcement: police, NABOO.

– Call at least one high-profile case NABOO?

– Onishchenko. He escaped not because of the fact that he NABS gave me an opportunity, and due to the fact that the GPU is not reformed. But the question about it was raised. Holodnitsky, Sytnik, detectives showed that not all state money. Let this be an isolated case, but it showed the political will of law enforcement. If in a year time we have nothing new not see, then we can safely say that the reform came to an end.

– A. Avakov said that he gives two years for the de-occupation of Donbass. How do you think, why two years? How Minsk?

– There are no Minsk is an illusion and fake. This document has not been seen, as well as an agreement on independence. All of us led by the nose. Poroshenko does not know what he is currently doing his presidential power he could not keep, so he sits and thinks who to leave behind – who will break. I feel that this is the way it is.

– And who can come?

– Groisman can. About Saakashvili can say that he is now a political project, and his slogans are very specific. He has a slogan: “the last winter without this Parliament”. This is the first urge that, perhaps, will be the parliamentary elections in autumn of next year.

– Do you support Nischuk in his statements on introducedtions of the city‘s Donbass and about genetics?

– I want to say that in Donbass there is a very serious confrontation between two geneticist: Ukrainian and Russian. Everyone knows how many people died during famines. We need to understand that there really brought people from Russia. We currently have some people who really feel the Pro-Ukrainian, have roots here, took up arms and rebelled against Russia. Some went to Kiev, to other cities.

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– What’s genetics?

With genetics it is a little too far. It was an emotional statement, and may not this word is picked up. We all know who went to Motorola and pinned him flowers. Donbass is very serious confrontation, and the words of Yevhen Nyshchuk have the truth.

– You are promoting in Parliament the idea of a law on the legalization of cars on foreign registration. With whom you will lobby this idea?

– All factions with whom I spoke, ready to join. If we don’t settle it, then the second year will be much worse. We have a number of international treaties that we have with Europe, so the settlement issue is on the agenda. Arise from certain schemes through which the washed mass of cash from Ukraine. Let’s just leave it here, open a new segment of the market, see how you react to all it’s dealers, manufacturers. If it doesn’t have any extremes, then let’s do already take of customs clearance in Ukraine and live on-European.

– How many laws did you do in those three years?

– Until about 80 projects, of which almost 10 are the laws of Ukraine.

– What are you proud of?

– NABOO. This is a huge law.

– You were present at the dump in Hrybovychi 30 minutes before people were killed. Why are you then not exist?

I was there a few days before – called Avakov. I talked to the people who died. And in the day of the tragedy I arrived, shook hands with the guys, drank tea, took photos. One of those guys, an activist for life, said that it is necessary to raise the issue of the landfill, to close it. I just drove away from this place, and it all collapsed. It is a tragedy.

Outdoor tells about the arson.

– I also think that it was arson. Did he who does not love a Garden.

– And who doesn’t love a Garden?

– It is with Bank now has a problem. His opponents have always been the party of “Freedom”. He has a lot of competitors. The dump was always burning, smoked. Just at this time was a much larger flash, and not just because there is a fire burning, but information for this from all sides came very powerfully. I’m Andrei Ivanovich condemn only in one case: it was necessary quickly to react to all this when just beginning to rise this problem.

– “TV espresso” wrote that the Korban gave 100 thousand dollars. You said that’s not true. You filed them in court?

– I applied for them, but for the hours for which they are the wrong price shown. But nothing ever came of it. I seriously criticize the attorney General and the President. If there really was any serious accusation in my direction, they would spin it as information and legally. It was a single act of propaganda – clever people understand. We must move on – we the people have become much smarter.

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– You occasionally engage in fights with different people. What happens to you in the moment when you decide to give to the person in the eye, knowing that you MP?

– There are the boundaries of my manhood. When your mother insulted or loved ones.

– Vilkul hurt your mother?

– He personally insulted me, that to me is valuable. In their favor I can take criticism and to listen to her, but when direct insults… I have such a reaction to it all. I believe that it is correct.

– Why are you on camera doing this? Maybe wait until you witness?

– I waited. It’s not my fault that journalists “112th” channel had cameras. I’m on the second day we went to his office, took fighters ATO with ourselves we blocked the entrance. He’s not out yet, barricaded in his office. I have my words not taken back, and for all I can tell. I promised him I’d take his “Russian world”, and take. Just for this you need to prepare well, and let him know.

– Where is the “Russian world”?

Where they have proved. I have to take him out there and he sees all the decorations that they have done. I told him I would. And I want to show the whole of the Donbass people, all Ukrainians, who now can’t decide what they believe – what their “fake” leaders and who they are really are. I was in Krivoy Rog and see what they are fed, ideologically, the people – socialism. And they live like oligarchs.

– Kolomoisky headed the party control of “Dill”. Why did he do it?

– I think he has the desire to centralize control in party, because now he has a conflict with Filatov.

– And on what grounds?

– I think at one point Kolomoisky had a dialogue with Poroshenko, and the dialogue didn’t fit a Korban. I don’t know what it was – we have a purely friendly relationship. We’re talking on General topics. I was on the anniversary of the revolution of dignity in the river, Denisenko invited me, so was Filatov. I asked him: “What do you have with Kolomoisky?”. Bob said, “This is our internal. We’ll find out.” Probably, Kolomoisky has some specific agreements with Poroshenko, and the Korban is not approached.

– Why are you joking in an electronic Declaration, you put the watch under the pillow?

– Made a mistake. I just wanted to explain to people that I take seriously, but it is very easy to all processes, because my head does not hurt, where it all to hide. I did such a stupid thing, acknowledged it, apologized.

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– Your family is poor and I saw that you actually live on money of parents?

– No, I live on their money.

– You only live on zarlatu Deputy?

Is a family business, and each has its share.

– How much do you charge per month of this cash to live a normal life?

– The most expensive is the maintenance team, office, travel. It is 50 thousand UAH. I generally do not spend money. I do not rest, do not go to clubs or maybe in movie. I don’t dress up. Money for me even in my top ten of things not covered. I live modestly.

– Where do you learn and who will?

– The University of I. Franko. I’m studying Finance.

– What is the name of the curator?

I do not know. I always pass the session later than the group, because I have a BP meeting. I saw her once in a lifetime.

– What do you think about N. Savchenko?

She’s a idealist.

– Will you go to her political power?

– Bielecki, Saakashvili, Yarosh created a party. Unite, people.

When they come together – you go to them?


– Are you a homophobe, how about you journalists write?

I am against the popularization of the gay movement.

– If any of your friends gay?

– No. In General, I don’t know.

– If you learn that your friend is gay you will no longer be friends with him?

– I think I’ll hold a conversation, that he was on the right path.

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– How do you feel about the proposal to restore the export of round timber?

– Negatively.

– Your friend, the rector of Lviv University of physical culture, taking their money you office in the center of the city?

– No, not true. It was last year, and now I have my own office – I pay for it myself. I got it at a reduced price to rent.

– You can recite any verse?

– May know. Now I’m worried.

– Whether to return Yanukovych’s team?

– I do not believe. I do not exactly allow.

– When are you getting married?

– When something little changes.

– Three questions that you will ask Yanukovych if yesterday’s interrogation conducted you?

I have nothing to ask him.

– Thank you, Vladimir.

Нет никаких минских соглашений – это иллюзия и фейк, а нас всех водят за нос
Нет никаких минских соглашений – это иллюзия и фейк, а нас всех водят за нос

Нет никаких минских соглашений – это иллюзия и фейк, а нас всех водят за нос