Nobel laureate and discoverer of DNA stripped of titles for racism

Нобелевского лауреата и первооткрывателя ДНК лишили званий за расизм

Nobel laureate James Watson was left without honorary titles because of racism

James Watson believes that the intellectual capabilities of Africans is lower than in the rest of the inhabitants of the Earth.

Discoverer of DNA, Nobel laureate James Watson stripped of honorary titles in lab ColdS pring Harbor, which he previously headed, racist remarks about the intelligence of Africans. This was reported on the website of the laboratory.

“Remarks of Dr. Watson’s reprehensible, are not supported by science and in no way reflect the views of the laboratory,” – said in the statement of colleagues of the scientist.

The reason for this decision was the statement, 90-year-old Watson that social policy in Africa, mistakenly comes from the fact that the level of intelligence of its natives is equal to the level of intelligence of other races.

In the year 20017 Watson also said that black people don’t have the same mind as the representatives of Caucasian race and therefore, predicted a bleak future for Africa.

Watson received the Nobel prize for the discovery of the structure of DNA as a double helix in 1962.

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