Non-admission in the schools and kindergartens of unvaccinated children: the health Ministry said the ban

Недопуск в школы и детсады непривитых детей: в Минздраве уточнили запрет

The health Ministry said, as attending school children who are denied vaccination

For children who are not vaccinated for medical circumstances, there is a special procedure of access to schooling, reported in the Ministry of health.

The health Ministry said the information about the non-admission to schools and kindergartens unvaccinated children. The Ministry reported that children not vaccinated for medical circumstances, will be no exception. On Friday, September 14, write Facts.

In Department noted that for these children there is a special procedure of access to schooling.

As explained in the Ministry of health in Ukraine do have school-age children who are not vaccinated due to specific medical contraindications.

“These children should be examined by a pediatrician and the corresponding certificate. With this help you can attend to children who do not get vaccinated”, – explained in the Ministry.

As for the other children, they the direction of on missing vaccinations have to present during the annual pre-school physical.

“Children before the beginning of each new school year have a physical examination. A certificate of the results of the inspection must issue either a pediatrician or family doctor. If the child is not immunized, the doctor is obliged to issue a special direction”, – said the representatives of the Ministry of health.

The Ministry also warned that in the first grade of school may not allow those children who do not have certificates made compulsory vaccination according to the vaccination schedule against hepatitis B, tuberculosis, measles and rubella, diphtheria, polio.

Earlier it was reported that in Ukraine recorded cases of congenital measles in newborns.


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