Nord Stream-2 began arbitration against the European Union

Nord Stream-2 начал арбитраж против Евросоюза

2 Nord Stream AG, seeking cancellation of provisions of the EU Directive that restricts the pipeline

The operator of Nord stream-2 considers discriminatory, a number of amendments of the EU Gas Directive.

The operator of project Nord stream-2, Nord Stream AG 2 began arbitration against the European Union due to amendments to the Gas Directive. This is stated stated in the prospectus Eurobonds of Gazprom.

“On September 26, 2019 2 Nord Stream AG has notified the authority of the special arbitration… against the EU on the basis of the Energy Charter Treaty. 2 Nord Stream AG believes that the EU violated its obligations set out in articles 10 and 13 of the Energy Charter Treaty by adopting discriminatory amendments to the Gas Directive”, – the document says.

It is also reported about the lawsuit in the Court of the European Union on the partial abolition of the amendments due to the short terms for the grant of exceptions under these projects.

2 Nord Stream AG believes that innovations directed against SP-2, and their task – the creation of obstacles for its realization.

In particular, the Directive provides for a prohibition for mining and fuel companies to simultaneously own a pipeline.

Last week it became known that Germany wanted to help the Nord stream-2 gas around the EU Directive by adopting the corresponding amendments to state legislation, but then the Bundestag failed to vote for the amendment. A second vote scheduled for this week.

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