Nord stream-2: Naftogaz hopes on the United States and Denmark

Северный поток-2: Нафтогаз надеется на США и Данию

Nord stream-2 is scheduled to launch in late next year

Ukraine will lose $ 3 billion a year when you stop the transit of Russian gas to Europe.

The construction of the gas pipeline Nord stream-2 can stop the us sanctions or the position of Denmark. About it in interview to the Ukrainian service of Deutsche Welle said the commercial Director of Naftogaz Yuriy Vitrenko.

According to him, Denmark may postpone, and further aggravate the situation with Nord stream-2.

“They have a law allowing them in making appropriate decisions be guided by considerations of national security, and this decision is still no,” – said Vitrenko.

He stressed that the important factor is the us sanctions. According to Vitrenko, in the US there is an understanding that the North stream 2 is “a politically motivated project aimed at the corruption of European politicians and a split of the European countries.”

“Then just a matter of when it will be translated into some action. Plus we also see the initiative of the Congress of the United States, which aims that there should be automatic sanctions against North stream-2. It also have hope on our side,” – said Vitrenko.

According to him, Ukraine will lose $ 3 billion a year when you stop the transit of Russian gas to European Union countries. This amount is about 3% of GDP.

He also said, when any income from the transit of Ukraine is not against the Nord stream gas pipeline-2.

“European rules are, just that the operator simply covers its costs. Less volume, means more rate. Greater volume means less rate. It’s not a linear relationship, but there is a noticeable dependence of the rate of volume”, – he stressed and added that a guarantee that a new transit contract by the Russian side, with a possible signature will be entering the capital of the operator of the CTA consortium of European companies.

We will note, last week, Nord Stream 2 start to lay the first pipe in the framework of construction of gas pipeline Nord stream-2, in which the gas will be directly delivered from Russia to Germany.


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