Nord Stream-2 stated that he had built more than 200 km of pipeline

В Nord Stream-2 заявили, что построили более 200 км газопровода

Vessel Solitaire lays pipeline Nord stream-2 in the Gulf of Finland

Pipelay vessel Castoro Dieci has already completed its scope of work in the Greifswald Bay in Germany.

More than 200 kilometers of the offshore section of the Nord stream gas pipeline-2 is already built. It is reported by the operator of the Nord Stream pipeline-2 AG Tuesday, 6 November.

“The project Nord stream-2 is implemented in full compliance with the schedule. Today, the Baltic sea has laid over 200 miles of pipeline. To complete the project in time simultaneously involve about 20 ships,” – said in the message.

It is noted that the pipelay vessel Castoro Dieci has already completed its scope of work in the Greifswald Bay in Germany. The ship Audacia continued laying of the pipeline in German territorial waters. And the ship Solitaire is working in the exclusive economic zone of Finland.

All 200 thousand steel pipes were delivered with tube rolling plants two plant for concrete weight coating where already 72% of the tubes received the necessary concrete weight coating. The finished tubes are delivered from the logistics center on the lay vessels around the clock, added the company.

Recall, September 5 in the Gulf of Finland began laying the gas pipeline Nord stream-2.

At the same time Denmark was the only country which has not yet issued a permit for the construction of Nord stream-2. Such permits are already issued by Germany, Sweden, Finland and Russia. Thus, Denmark can block the gas pipeline project.

Earlier it was reported that Nord Stream AG has filed 2 Denmark a request for alternative route of the Nord stream-2, however, the response was not followed.

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