North beat South in all-star game super League

Север обыграл Юг в Матче звезд Суперлиги

Team North won the all-star game super League

Almost 3 minutes before the end of normal time the North took the lead and ended the match with a triumph.

Team North defeated team South in the all-star game super League with a score of 128 to 123.

The players held a very lively match. In the first attack of the North managed to open the scoring, and the South responded quickly. In the match, the teams scored almost exclusively dunk, alley-upami and a three-pointer.

During the break, the organizers held a contest for fans, where fans had to get to the basket from center court, but the test failed to pass.

After the break, the players continued to give pleasure to the audience. Before the end of the third quarter the team went to hundreds.

After the second break of the match it was scored the caution, the score was almost leveled, and rivals began to actively defend itself.

Almost 3 minutes before the end of normal time the South has led in the account – 117:113, but the North was able to reverse the situation. Two consecutive three-pointers Dugat and distant hit Glebova has helped to bring the meeting to a victory.

The all – star game in 2018

South – North 123:128

South: Malczewski – 29, Coulter – 18

North: Davis – 34, Rochnyak – 18, Konev – 18

The line-UPS of the North and South to all-star game can be found here.

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