North Korea has threatened to sink a nuclear submarine of the United States, media

Северная Корея пригрозила потопить атомную подводную лодку США, - СМИ

Pyongyang (North Korea) promised to sink a nuclear submarine of naval forces of the United States of America USS Michigan, who arrived in South Korea. This is with reference to the North Korean government media, according to the Agency Yonhap.

It is reported that in the DPRK the arrival of the American submarine recognized an act of military intimidation.
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“An urgent move of a nuclear submarine in the waters of the Korean Peninsula, United with the deployment of carrier strike groups, designed to further intensify military threats against our Republic”, – said in the publication.

Also, Pyongyang said it was ready to attack when threatened.

“At that moment, USS Michigan will take off, it will be doomed to a miserable fate to become an underwater Ghost,” warned the DPRK.
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Recall, North Korea launched ballistic missiles in the province’s toll. The tests were unsuccessful. According to preliminary data, the rocket exploded a few seconds after starting.

Earlier, XI Jinping conversation with US President Donald trump said that parties should avoid actions that may lead to increased tension in the situation with North Korea.

Trump, in turn, has said that it expects President XI Jinping that he would “work diligently” on the problem of the DPRK.

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