Norway: the Tour de Ski without Jacobsen, but with Bergen

Норвегия: на Тур де Ски без Якобсен, но с Бьерген

Marin Bergen, Heidi Weng, Ragnhild Haga

Team Norway cross-country skiing decided on the composition at the start of the 31st December of the race Tour de Ski.

The biggest surprise in the women’s team was the absence of two-time world champion Astrid Jacobsen. Her place is a 20-year-old Lotta Udnes Weng, which in this season scored only 9 points.

In the men’s team fewer surprises – all leaders in the squad. Was there a place for Petter Northug, who failed the start of the season, resulting in missed several stages of the world Cup.

Women’s team: Heidi Weng, Marit Bergen, Ingvil Flugstad Ostberg, Ragnhild Haga, Kari a Oire Kind, Silje Oire Lind, Lotte Udnes Weng, Majken caspersen Falla.

The composition of men’s team: Martin jonsrud Sundby, Petter Northug, Didrik Tonset, Emil Iversen, Niklas Dyrhaug, Finn Haugen Krog, Hans Christer Holund, Simen Hegstad Kruger.

Recall that the Tour de Ski kicks off on the 31st of December and will last till 8 January.

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