Not a grey mass. Interview with the only female Navy captain 1st rank

Не серая масса. Интервью с единственной женщиной-капитаном ВМС 1 ранга

Marina canalul could withstand the pressure of the military after the annexation of Crimea

The correspondent met with the first woman in the history of Naval forces of Ukraine, received the rank of captain 1-St rank.

New title Marina Canalul recently awarded by order of the commander of the naval fleet, Vice Admiral Sergei Haiduk, says Elena Gordeeva at No. 14 editions from April 15, 2016. And we decided to find out whether women are subject to the orders of the Ukrainian Navy.

Marina, how was your appointment male counterparts? It’s a Patriarchal country.

– People perceive shoulder straps, and your character, patience, professional quality.

– The woman hard in the Navy?

Women and the army are not made for each other. But I’m used to army orders in the Institute. Nakhimov in Sevastopol. Passed all the necessary school. I used that and was crying. But it used to. In the Navy there are nearly 1 million women. Of these, 100 have the rank of officer.

How about your 13-year-old son’s reaction to the fact that the mother became a captain?

– Generally, he enjoys ballroom dancing, now I collect it at the European championship. And my new title on it had no effect, because at home I am an ordinary woman. Sometimes you feel tired, acting out, help please, for all and care for all of them.

– Before the annexation of Crimea you responsible for cooperation with the military structures of the armed forces of the Russian Federation. What are the problems?

Russia violated the agreements on the black sea since 1998, when they were signed. Infrastructure fleet was divided unevenly and we had to constantly argue with Russia

– Russia has violated the agreements on the black sea since 1998, when they were signed. Infrastructure fleet was divided unevenly and we had to constantly argue with the Russian Federation. Because the Navy is not only warships, and polygons, bases, air space, sea areas, and the residential sector. For example, in Sevastopol, the Russian fleet was 127 berths, and we have six. If we had to put the ship, we asked the Russians, can it be done.

– During the annexation of Crimea, many Ukrainian soldiers defected to the side of Russia. You pressured?

– The pressure was felt by all. But I was not specifically invited to go on the side of the Russian Federation may have known my principles. Although as media I was of interest to them. Overall we have around 7 thousand troops moved to the other side. However, I see this as a positive thing, now we in the army are not a grey mass, and the people, from which to make nails.

– On his decision to stay in Ukraine do not regret it?

– No. However, it is difficult for us, housing in Odessa have to be removed. And contractors (in Crimea they lived in dorms) all our wages pay for the apartment. But you know, that feeling that you did exactly what had not changed the oath, betrayed his Homeland – it is priceless compared to all the miseries.

– What is your position in the Navy?

– I am the Secretary of the Board of officers of the Navy command of the armed forces of Ukraine and the assistant commander-in-chief – so you have to do the rest of the fleet. Now I have to maintain and the fight against corruption. For me it is new task.

– What percentage of the fleet managed to withdraw from the Crimea?

– A lot of equipment left in Crimea. Because the Navy is not only warships. It and pilots, and coast guard troops, and infantry. If we evaluate in terms of percentages, we were able to withdraw from the Crimea 50% of our fleet. Ship composition is around 20%, marine corps – 50%.

– What are the chances of recovering lost?

– The government has already declared that it intends to restore and develop the fleet. Aims to help and West. Our students will train abroad. So the restoration process is underway.


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