Not an expert on erection. The new head of the Ministry of health will give advice

Не специалист по эрекции. Новая глава МОЗ не будет давать советы

Skalecka successor Suprun

Skalecka said that he would not hold communication with the population in the form in which it was done Suprun.

The new Minister of health of Ukraine Zoryana Skaletska told, whether it is to give the Ukrainians in the network, like its predecessor Suprun. According to her, she intends to pursue communication with the public, but will do this kind of, reports the Country.

“Communication with the population, I’ll hold, but not as much as it did Suprun. For example, I will explain how to obtain the services of the health sector. How to communicate with the doctor about what he will need to ask at the reception. That was not so when I ate a bratwurst, and all the efforts of the doctor and all the treatment went awry, because at the reception forgot to talk about diet,” says Skaletsky.

She also answered a journalist’s question whether the tips on enhancing the erection (this is one of the recent posts Suprun, in which she told why there are problems with erection – ed.).

“I think I’m not an expert on raising a lost erection. No… I may be a technician but not as a Minister”, – said the head of the Ministry of health.

Earlier, the new head of the Ministry of health stated that it would keep a blog. Zoryana Skaletska will give advice to Ukrainians about medical law.


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